About Katie

I held my first pair of knitting needles 7 years ago when my husband and I were expecting our first son. Obviously, I am completely obsessed!

Learning to knit was on my “life list” of things to accomplish. So I bought myself a book with basic instructions, a set of needles, and a skein of yarn. It was difficult because I had no clue what I was doing and no classes to attend, but somehow I taught myself. (I do not recommend this!) My first project was a basic scarf for my mom for Mother’s Day. She wears it a few times each winter and says it’s super warm. I laugh when I see it because it’s a bit of a mess, but nonetheless, it’s a treat to see because it shows me how far I’ve come. A few years later, I took a year-long knitting course. And since then, I haven’t met a knitting pattern I couldn’t decode.

I read every knitting book I can get my hands on. Each year, I attend a conference or special workshop held by “celebrity knitters” (as I like to call them) – the authors of the knitting books I love. Some may call it professional development; I call it knitting-heaven-on-earth.

I love teaching my classes. It brings me great joy to teach my knitters to pick up two sticks and some string and turn it into something beautiful.